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Customer Testimonials

I have retained Jessica as my personal and professional attorney on serval occasions. It has taken much pressure off of me knowing that everything will be taken care of. She is always one step ahead of the next person. My confidence level in her and her firm is 100 percent. 
I will and have recommened her to everyone I know who is need of a great attorney.

Jean - Small Business President

I was a felony trial attorney. When I left I had tried over 50 jury trials, including murder cases, armed robberies, and aggrevated criminal sexual assault cases. I was a first chair in charge of a felony court room with over 400 cases, 50 which were murder cases.

John - Attorney

I worked with Jessica for quite some time at Motor Werks while she was a law student. I was always amazed at her willingness to help others, and take on projects that were above and beyond her job description. You could always depend on Jessica.

Josh - Engineer